Spectator Management and Parking

Signposting for spectators

Spectators can only spectate in designated areas - for their own safety and that of drivers.
We have set up around 40 areas for spectators that will enable you to experience ADAC Rally Germany at its best.
An overview and description of all spectator zones can be found in the ADAC Rally Germany official magazine, and also on the 'spectator areas' page.

We have introduced a comprehensive system of signposting that will enable you to quickly find your particular viewing point without any problems. Signs will lead you directly from the motorway to the car park for your chosen spectator area.

ADAC Rallye Deutschland Spectator Management and Parking 2016

ADAC Rallye Deutschland Zuschauerleitsystem 2017

ADAC Rallye Deutschland Anfahrt zu den WPs 2017

Spectator Management

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