Ticket exchange

Ticket exchange

All those with Print@Home tickets must first exchange them on coming to the ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2018 for first time.

The following tickets have to be exchanged:

On exchanging your ticket, you will receive:

1. For 4-day ticket

  • the official rally pass, giving access to shakedown, all of Friday?s, Saturday?s and Sunday?s special stages, plus the service park
  • the ADAC Rallye Deutschland programme booklet with spectator map
  • a ticket band and an ADAC Rallye Deutschland sticker
  • an ADAC Rallye Deutschland wristband

Please note that the rally pass is only valid in conjunction with ticket band.

2. For one-day ticket

  • the official one-day ticket, giving access to all special stages and service park on the day in question

Once the Print@Home ticket for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2018 has been exchanged by scanning barcode, it is then cancelled and no longer valid. It cannot be exchanged a second time, and you should not try to do so.

Ticket exchange map

Autobahn A1, exit 128, Föhren
GPS: 49°51'23.0"N, 6°47'58.0"E
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Arena Panzerplatte
Parkplatz P1
GPS: 49°38'4.0"N, 7°18'25.0"E
View on Google Maps

Autobahn A1, exit 134 Nonnweiler-Bierfeld
GPS: 49°36'30.0"N, 6°57'47.7"E
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Autodoc service park Bostalsee
Am Seehafen 1
66625 Bosen
GPS: 49°33'45.1"N, 7°03'41.7"E
View on Google Maps

SS 1 St. Wendel
GPS: 49°28'08.2"N, 7°08'21.8"E
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ADAC Branch Office St. Wendel
Rathausplatz 1
66606 St. Wendel
View on Google Maps

Opening ceremony St. Wendel
66606 St. Wendel
View on Google Maps

ADAC Branch Office Neunkirchen
Lindenallee 2
66538 Neunkirchen
View on Google Maps

ADAC Branch Office Saarlouis
Kleiner Markt 3
66740 Saarlouis
View on Google Maps

ADAC Branch Office Saarbrücken
Untertürkheimer Straße 39-41
66117 Saarbrücken
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