ADAC Rallye Deutschland - Safety Devices

Motor sport can be dangerous!

Spectators may only stand in the designated spectator areas.
All these spectator areas are marked and delimitated by yellow plastic fences.
All other areas are no-go-areas!

  1. Always do as the marshals ask!
  2. Don't walk on the track!
  3. Always keep the start and finish areas free!
  4. Don't remove any signs or boards!
  5. Never drive onto the special stage roads with your car or mobile home,
    not even on the evening before!
  6. Always keep an eye on your children! Don't bring animals to the stages!
  7. Camp fire is strictly prohibited!
  8. Don't block the access roads and safety roads with your car!

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are strictly forbidden!

Safety Hints with Thierry Neuville (deutsch franšais)

... and some more important hints:

  • Please contact the marshals if you need medical help or other assistance.
  • About 3.000 blue waste bags will be provided in the spectator areas. Please use them and do not pollute our environment!
  • Due to the very great number of spectators to be expected, it is strongly recommended to arrive at the spectator area at least one hour ahead of the first rally car.
  • Adjust your clothes to the weather expected and in particular wear appropriate shoes! As a rally spectator, you must be prepared for some longer walks.

We wish you an enjoyable and smooth running of the ADAC Rally Deutschland!


  1. It is a main concern at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland to ensure safety for spectators, officials and marshals as well for participants.
  2. As a spectator you are a very important part of ADAC Rally Deutschland.
  3. With your exemplary behaviour, focussed on your personal safety, you contribute significantly to a smooth running of the event.
  4. Support the organiser regarding these issues.
  5. Cooperate with the organiser and warn carless spectators of possible dangers at the special stages.
  6. Spectators positioned in safety or no-go-areas put themselves into danger and risk the stopping of the event.

You must be aware that any non-compliance may and must always result in the immediate stopping of the stage upon instruction of áthe Rally Control.

2020 Season