Wheelchair access

Wheelchairs at the Rally

Attending a rally often involves negotiating footpaths that go up and down steep slopes, which creates immense difficulties for wheelchair users.

The organisers of ADAC Rallye Deutschland have therefore taken steps to ensure that persons with reduced mobility are still able to attend and enjoy the event.

For each special stage, the organisers have set aside parking in close proximity to the track and designated seating and/or wheelchair spaces on the front row, generally on tarmac or concrete.

In the official ADAC Rally Germany magazine, we have indicated these facilities on the spectator maps. To help you find your way around even better, we also list here the GPS coordinates for access to the reserved areas. In addition, we will be displaying direction signs in the respective colour for each special stage (SS) with the wheelchair symbol.

The approach route to the parking and spectator spaces reserved for wheelchair users are to be found at the following locations:

Service park: (GPS: 49°33'39.0"N, 7° 3'41.0"E)
Car park adjacent to the Service park . Follow signs marked ?VIP?.

Shakedown Eiweiler: (GPS: 1: 49°33'3.0"N, 7° 0'47.0"E, 2: 49°32'22.0"N, 6°58'59.2"E)
1. Sharp uphill right turn at the end of a fast approach, separate approach at Z2
2. Fast right bend shortly before finish line , approach as for Z3.

SS 2 / 5 / 8 Wadern-Weiskirchen (GPS: 49°33'3.0"N, 6°50'6.0"E)
90° left downhill turn. Approach as for Z3.

SS 3 / 6 Mittelmosel (GPS: 1: 49°50'6.0"N, 6°53'35.0"E, 2: 49°51'18.0"N, 6°50'35.01"E)
1. Right turn shortly before the start line. Approach as for Z1.
2. 90° right turn where the vineyard is on the flat. Approach as for Z4.

SS 4 / 7 Grafschaft (GPS: 49°53'57.0"N, 6°59'51.0"E)
Fast approach, crossing the country road and immediately turning off right into the vineyard track. Approach as for Z5.

SS 10 / 15 / Panzerplatte (GPS: 49°39'6.0"N, 7°18'35.04"E)
90°right turn uphill along a wide military road. Approach as for P3.

SS 11 / 16 Freisen (GPS: 49°32'44.0"N, 7°14'55.0"E)
90°left turn uphill. Approach via Freisen, Schlagbaumstraße.

SS 12 / 17 Römerstraße (GPS: 1: 49°24'13.0"N, 7° 6'27.0"E, 2: 49°25'54.0"N, 7° 5'39.0"E)
1. Sharp right turn over a ramp after a fast downhill straight section. Approach as for Z1.
2. Gentle left turn with blind entrance to the country road followed by 90°turn. Approach as for Z5.

SS 18 / 20 Losheim am See (GPS: 1: 49°27'54.0"N, 6°46'8.0"E, 2: 49°27'55.0"N, 6°43'25.0"E)
1. 90° right turn on the plateau. Approach as for Z1.
2. 90° right and 90° left turn just ahead of the finish line . Approach as for Z7.

SS 19 / 21 St. Wendeler Land (GPS: 1: 49°32'25.5"N, 7° 7'22.0"E, 2: 49°33'9.0"N, 7° 4'27.52"E)
1. Sharp right turn after fast section. Approach as for Z4.
2. Cross the country road shortly before the finish line. Approach Z5 from the direction of Neunkirchen.

Please note that the use of seats reserved for disabled spectators is exclusively for persons with tickets marked 'aG'. You will have to present your proof of disability to the marshals before taking your seat. For spectators from Germany, this is the Schwerbehindertenausweis aG.

Tickets are available from all the usual points of sale. One companion is allowed free of charge.

Please note that capacity is limited and that the purchase of a ticket does not automatically guarantee a parking place or seat.

Disabled parking is also marked on the spectator maps included in the official rally magazine.

For more information, please contact the ADAC Rally Office on +49 681 927 447 12.

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