Parking at the 2017 ADAC Rally Germany


Each spectator zone has its own car park. The distance from the car park to the spectator zone varies from just a few metres to as much as a kilometre. You can find further details in the official programme booklet for ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2017.

The parking fee goes 100% to local authorities. To keep the traffic moving at the car park entry, we would ask you have the parking fee ready to hand.

Please park only in designated spaces, and keep access and exit points as well as escape routes clear.

Your ticket is no longer valid once you have driven out of the car park.

Parkgebühren - ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2017

* At certain car parks offering additional services (e.g. car wash, electric hook-up, shower block), the parking fee may be as much as 8.00 EUR.

Parking for buses/coaches

(Bus/coach = more than nine seats)

Access to many of the car parks is along narrow country lanes with limited scope for buses to turn or manoeuvre. We have therefore created one or two designated bus parking areas for each special stage.

Shakedown Eiweiler
In Eiweiler, Neunkircher Straße, GPS: 49°33'3.0"N, 7° 0'50.0"E

SSS 2 / 5 / 8 Wadern-Weiskirchen
In Morscholz, Zum Bildchen, GPS: 49°33'3.0"N, 6°51'47.0"E

SS 3 / 6 Mittelmosel
Z3, Klüsserath, GPS: 49°50'36.0"N, 6°51'23.0"E
Z5, Rivenich, GPS: 49°52'32.0"N, 6°50'48.0"E

SS 4 / 7 Grafschaft
Z3, Johanneshof, GPS: 49°52'47.0"N, 6°58'5.0"E

SS 9 / 13 / 14 SSS Arena Panzerplatte und SS 10 / 15 Panzerplatte Lang
Access only from Baumholder, GPS: 49°38'19.0"N, 7°19'8.4"E (Starfelsen turn-off).
Buses are able to drive right up to the spectator area by the tower. After dropping off their passengers, they should then proceed to the Starfelsen parking area.

Because these are special parking privileges, they are available only by prior arrangement. Contact Rainer Friedemann at the Rallyebüro (Rally Office) on (0681) 90 74 47 12 or by e-mail at
Any buses that arrive unannounced at Panzerplatte will be redirected to parking area P1 at Aulenbach.

SS 11 / 16 Freisen
Z 2, Sportplatz, GPS: 49°35'9.0"N, 7°17'43.0"E

SS 12 / 17 Römerstraße
Z1, GPS: 49°24'5.0"N, 7° 6'24.0"E
Z5, Habenichts, !Zufahrt nur von Urexweiler! GPS: 49°26'14.0"N, 7° 5'29.00"E

SS 18 / 20 Losheim am See
Z4, Markushof, GPS: 49°29'17.0"N, 6°44'48.0"E

SS 19 / 21 St. Wendeler Land
Z4, Steinberg-Deckenhardt, GPS: 49°32'19.0"N, 7° 7'8.0"E
Z5, Neunkirchen, Zufahrt von Gonnesweiler, GPS: 49°33'25.0"N, 7° 4'59.0"E
Z5, Neunkirchen, Zufahrt von Neunkirchen/Nahe, GPS: 49°32'56.0"N, 7° 3'59.0"E

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