The hairpin turns in the vineyards are typical for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland
The hairpin turns in the vineyards are typical for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland from A to Z

Typical terms and interesting background info on the German FIA WRC rally

The rally alphabet summarises the 2018 highlights and explains what is typical for and good to know about the ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is fast approaching: between 16 and 19 August, the best WRC drivers will gather in the Saarland and neighbouring regions where Sébastien Ogier and his fellow drivers will meet some new, exciting challenges. The rally alphabet below summarises the 2018 highlights and explains what is typical for and good to know about the ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

A for ADAC: The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is ADAC's greatest collaborative motor sport accomplishment. All 18 ADAC regional clubs contribute to it. Plus, it also involves some 70 ADAC local and motor sport clubs.

B for Bostalsee: Located on the lakeshore of Bostalsee, the AUTODOC Service Park, sprawled over approx. 150,000m2, is the place where fans can watch the teams at work.

C for camping: Rally spectators looking for the comfort of a well-equipped campsite can go to (under the Spectators/Camping tab) for an overview of 17 campsites and motorhome sites in the rally region.

D for Depping: In the 35 editions of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland so far, nine German drivers have made it to the very top of the podium. The most successful German driver is triple champion Dieter Depping (1994, 1996, 1997) who is second to Sébastien Loeb in the all-time roll of honour of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

E for environmental emergency car: This car transports experts who provide first aid in an environmental emergency. It carries materials binding oil, brake fluids and coolants.

F for FIA: In 1985 - three years after the rally's debut - the drivers of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland scored their first points for the FIA European Rally Championship. In 2002, the world motor sport's governing body made the event part of the FIA World Rally Championship.

G for Grafschaft: The Grafschaft SS will provide excitement until the very last moment. This vineyard stage will be run twice on Sunday. With a length of 29km per run, it is much longer and more challenging than in 2017. Bringing home a lead will be hard work.

H for hairpin turns: The tricky hairpin turns in the vineyards are typical for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. There will be quite a few of them this year: the Stein und Wein SS, Mittelmosel SS and Grafschaft SS will each be run twice, bringing the total mileage to 141km.

I for itinerary: The itinerary is one of the key documents when it comes to planning. It provides info on how long the Special Stages are (2018: 18 SS with a total length of 328.66km) and what happens when. It also includes a service, refuel and regrouping schedule.

J for jumps: The legendary Gina jump propels the WRC cars into leaps of up to 40m. This year, the jumps at the redesigned Arena Panzerplatte SS can be watched live on TV.

K for Kleinschmidt: The rally driver Jutta Kleinschmidt was appointed ADAC Rallye Deutschland brand ambassador this year. In addition to representation, the job of the winner of the Dakar rally is to enhance the concept of the ADAC Rally Deutschland.

L for Loeb: Sébastien Loeb is by far the most successful driver in the history of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Between 2002 and 2012, Super Seb and his co-driver Daniel Elena from Monaco won nine times - eight times in a row.

M for marshals: More than 2,000 volunteer marshals along the track and in the spectator areas will ensure that everybody is safe and that the ADAC Rallye Deutschland runs smoothly.

N for no-go areas: In addition to vast spectator areas and clearly signposted paths, some sections along the track are designated no-go areas to which access is strictly forbidden to keep spectators safe and protect natural habitats.

O for Ogier: World Champion Sébastien Ogier is one of the real favourites to win the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Married to the German TV presenter Andrea Kaiser, the Frenchman considers the ADAC Rallye Deutschland something of a "second home rally" after three wins (2011, 2015, 2016).

P for Panzerplatte: The Baumholder military range is the place to go for ultimate action on Saturday. The teams dread the rough, tyre-busting surfaces at Panzerplatte, and the Hinkelstein boulders lining the track do not forgive any mistakes.

Q for quality: The FIA regularly awards top ratings to the ADAC Rallye Deutschland for its perfect organisation and exemplary safety standards.

R for recce: Reconnaissance or recce is especially important at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland since the Special Stages and their extremely diverse track characteristics pose very different challenges.

S for St Wendel: The town in the Saarland will host the start and finish of the German WRC rally for the first time. There, the official opening ceremony will take place on Thursday evening, immediately followed by the first Special Stage. On Sunday, the teams will return to St Wendel for the podium ceremony.

T for tickets: To order a last-minute voucher or print a self-print pass, go to (under the Tickets tab). For further information, please see below.

U for unique: Ongoing enhancement is one of the principles of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Each year, we see new Special Stages as well as new and adapted sections. This makes each event a unique rally spectacular full of variety.

V for video archive: There are lots of spectacular things to capture on film at each ADAC Rallye Deutschland. For the best clips of the previous years, click (under the Videos tab).

W for world rally car: World rally cars are high-tech vehicles. Their 1.6l turbo engines generate some 380hp. Because of the many junctions and hairpin turns of the German rally, the top teams will use the largest brakes of the WRC season.

X for X-treme: The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is a very tough asphalt rally which can be seen as a three-in-one rally: extremely fast country roads in the Saarland, extremely tight vineyard stages and extremely hard surfaces on the Baumholder tank range.

Y for youngster: Two rounds in the 2018 ADAC Opel Rallye Cup will be run at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland also this year. This single-brand cup is THE talent factory for tomorrow's rally aces.

Z for zero cars: Specially marked zero cars ("0") open the track for the competition cars. It is their job to finally check the safety arrangements and prep the spectators for the competition cars.

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Passes for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland are available from the official ticket shop on the web: go to (under the Tickets tab) to get your four-day rally passes or day tickets (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday). Pre-sale buyers will enjoy discounts and an attractive package offer that includes the official event magazine. Just like last year, the pre-sale price of a rally pass package is ¤70 (¤65 for ADAC members). Day passes are available for ¤35 exclusively in pre-sale. During the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, the regular price for a rally pass will be ¤80 at all on-site sales points.

The rally passes cover:
- Access to all Special Stages on all days
- Access to the AUTODOC Service Park on all days
- Access to the Shakedown on Thursday
- A spectator map providing all the essential information about the rally
- ADAC Rallye Deutschland lanyard
- ADAC Rallye Deutschland sticker
- ADAC Rallye Deutschland magazine (in German with essential information in English and French)

ADAC Rallye Deutschland information:

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland has a unique worldwide reputation. Its mix of hairpin stages in the vineyards, tough tracks on the Baumholder tank range and fast asphalt roads presents extreme challenges for both the teams and the drivers. Excellent driving skills and versatility are of the essence here. Diversity, high-class action and closeness to the fans are the ingredients that make the ADAC Rallye Deutschland such an attractive package for spectators as well. Year after year, this major event draws enthusiastic crowds from all over Europe, giving it a special, international atmosphere.

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