Last service for the crews before they are heading to famous Panzerplatte Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland
Last service for the crews before they are heading to famous Panzerplatte Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Quotes from Service E

Statements of the participants of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland

What the drivers had to say after Saturdays first loop of 2019 ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

OGIER Sébastien/INGRASSIA Julien, FRA/FRA, CITROEN C3 WRC: "I don't think I had any moments this morning, but there were some moments when I definitely had to fight with the car. Especially in bumpy sections. Also, when it gets dirty it is not super easy. We have to keep fighting. It is very close with Kris and we have to try to stay ahead. We can expect bigger differences in Baumholder, that is for sure. It will be very challenging, two loops in high temperatures. As we saw in the recce, there are dirty places with a lot of rocks. I certainly expect to see bigger gaps than what we have seen this morning. You need a bit of luck in Baumholder, that is clear. You need to stay away from any punctures. That can happen to anyone on this stage. We haven't been very fast over the weekend so far, but hopefully we will stay out of trouble."

SUNINEN Teemu/ LEHTINEN Jarmo, FIN/FIN, FORD Fiesta WRC: "It has been a good morning for us. It's a bit of a shame that we lost everything yesterday. Even with today's results, we are not gaining anything. I have not been so strong here in Germany in the past, but today I have been showing good pace. Even in the second loop, when the conditions should be pretty much similar for everyone, the pace was really good. I would say it has been a good morning loop for us. Just need to manage the brake temperature, tyres, balance on the long Panzerplatte, without any punctures."

LAPPI Esapekka/FERM Janne, FIN/FIN, CITROEN C3 WRC: "In the end it was quite positive. We clearly had a better pace than yesterday. We had a bit of an off as well, but it has been the case that we have been on the limit in every stage, and you are on the edge at times in every stage. That has been a trend this weekend."

SORDO Dani/DEL BARRIO Carlos, ESP/ESP, HYUNDAI i20 Coupe WRC: "It is not going badly. We can do a little bit better if we push a little bit more. We lost a little bit of time on some stages, but it was not so bad. Today we are fighting to try to put the pressure on the Toyotas. Okay, it will be difficult to catch them, but we now have two difficult stages, on which you could have a puncture or anything."

TÄNAK Ott/JÄRVEOJA Martin, EST/EST, TOYOTA Yaris WRC: "We had a very consistent and clean run. We tried our best and went close to the limit - as close as we can. The main thing is to avoid mistakes. There is no question of anyone holding station at the moment. We are still trying quite hard. This afternoon will be a very different story with new characteristics. Everything is completely different, so let's see how everything works there. I really hope everything is working well and that we have a good balance in the car. If that works, then we must try our best, as we have done so far in the event."

LATVALA Jari-Matti/ANTTILA Miikka, FIN/FIN, TOYOTA Yaris WRC: "After yesterday, when I had a big bit of luck and made mistakes on the final stage, I tried to think about my driving for the morning - how I could approach it, by braking smoother and being smoother on the throttle. But I couldn't get it, couldn't find my rhythm. I was thinking too much while driving. The first two stages did not go that well. It was very nice when Tommi phoned me and said 'just relax, don't think too much'. I think I relaxed after that and it was a very good call from Tommi."

NEUVILLE Thierry/GILSOUL Nicolas, BEL/BEL, HYUNDAI i20 Coupe WRC: "We will change the set-up of the car a little bit. Different conditions, so we'll have to see how it feels straight away. Hopefully it will be good and we will be able to push, without taking any big risks. In a couple of corners I knew that there was the possibility of running wide if it goes wrong. I was definitely pushing hard in those places. In general, in all the tricky places, I tried to be as smooth and efficient as possible."

KATSUTA Takamoto/BARRITT Daniel, JPN/GBR, TOYOTA, Yaris WRC "This morning was a little bit different type of stage compared to yesterday. It was a slightly easier drive than yesterday. I especially enjoyed the second pass. I learned quite a lot about the car - how I need to drive it and how the car behaves on the tarmac. I am getting more confident. Still not enough, so I need to drive carefully, but it went very well. The afternoon stages are a completely different type of stage. I will drive even more carefully."

MIKKELSEN Andreas/JÆGER Anders, NOR/NOR, HYUNDAI i20 Coupe WRC: "The times are okay. We wish we were faster. We feel that we are pushing hard, but the times are not really there. Let's see if we can use service to understand a bit better where we are losing time. There are some big stages coming up and I am sure the driving will be a bit different there. I'll try to stay out of trouble and be a bit more clever. I tried to push this morning, but with no luck: I went off on two stages out of four. I hope the times will be better in the afternoon."

KOPECKÝ Jan/DRESLER Pavel, CZE/CZE, SKODA Fabia R5 Evo "It was okay. It was quite difficult, because the stages look quite easy, but they were not actually so easy because there was a lot of loose gravel in every corner."

GRIEBEL Marijan/WINKLHOFER Pirmin, DEU/DEU, SKODA Fabia R5 EVO "In principle, that was really good. In total, I think we were the fastest R5 of all over the four stages. I did not make any mistakes. It is incredibly difficult to keep this standard up for the whole rally, but this morning was really good. I think first and second place for two German drivers is a really great result. Unfortunately, we now come to the 'real challenge'. As such, a lot can still happen today. I don't know what the tactic is for Bauholder. It is difficult, because it is so long. If you drive too cautiously, you can lose your advantage in one single stage. This is good proof that Germany does have rally drivers who can perform at the highest level, and that we could do even better if there were more opportunities."

KREIM Fabian/BRAUN Tobias, DEU/DEU, SKODA Fabia R5 EVO "It was a good morning. We did not make any serious mistakes. On the final stage, we missed a junction, which cost us a little. Otherwise, the second pass was very dirty. We tried to avoid the stones in the deep grooves, in order to look after the tyres and not pick up any unnecessary puncture. We took two or three steps yesterday evening, which had a positive effect. The confidence in the car is there. Full-on attack is not necessarily the order of the day on Baumholder. Instead you have to try to find a good rhythm, use your eyes to miss the stones, and try to avoid getting a puncture. Marijan Griebel and I both know that we must still get through Panzerplatte twice, which will obviously be a real challenge."

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