Andreas Mikkelsen is keeping the pressure up on Ott Tänak Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland
Andreas Mikkelsen is keeping the pressure up on Ott Tänak Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Quotes after St. Wendeler Land 1

Mikkelsen: I try to keep the pressure up

What the drivers had to say after the 19th stage of ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2017

OGIER Sébastien/INGRASSIA Julien, FRA/FRA, FORD FIESTA WRC: [Focusing on the Power Stage?] "For sure, that will be the plan. We're validating the pace notes. It's a very fast stage. I wasn't really into it."

TÄNAK Ott/JÄRVEOJA Martin, EST/EST, FORD FIESTA WRC: "We have a good feeling at the moment. This one didn't feel so fast. Our notes were quite slow. But the feeling in the car is very good. It's very enjoyable when there's grip."[On losing both rear mirrors.] "That's the first chicane of the morning. That's good for the aerodynamics."

EVANS Elfyn/BARRITT Daniel, GBR/GBR, FORD FIESTA WRC: "The tyre choice is probably not right [soft]. I was looking for some more grip this morning."

PADDON Hayden/MARSHALL Sebastian, NZL/GBR, HYUNDAI i20 WRC: "A tricky stage, quite narrow. The grass is very wet, so you have to stay on the road. We have to adjust the pace notes for the second loop."

NEUVILLE Thierry/GILSOUL Nicolas, BEL/BEL, HYUNDAI i20 WRC: "It's fine, but obviously the time is not so good. I could have gone faster in a couple of corners. Let's adjust the notes for the second pass. We have to be faster."

SORDO Dani/MARTÍ Marc, ESP/ESP, HYUNDAI i20 WRC: "It went very, very well. We have a lot of grip."

BREEN Craig/MARTIN Scott, IRL/GBR, CITROËN C3 WRC: "I'm trying, but lacking a bit of confidence in the fast stuff."

MIKKELSEN Andreas/JÄGER Anders, NOR/NOR, CITROËN C3 WRC: "I try to keep the pressure up. Not a perfect run but still quite pleased with it."

LATVALA Jari-Matti/ANTTILA Miikka, FIN/FIN, TOYOTA YARIS WRC: "Here I tried to push. Let's see how it compares. There are so many straw bales in here and I had to use all of the road. It's a nice stage, I like it. On the first one this morning I wasn't really awake yet, but now it's getting better."

HÄNNINEN Juho/LINDSTRÖM Kaj, FIN/FIN, TOYOTA YARIS WRC: "I'm enjoying it, pushing and pushing. The same rhythm as yesterday."

LAPPI Esapekka/FERM Janne, FIN/FIN, TOYOTA YARIS WRC: "It was good. We did lot of analysis last night and found things I was doing wrong. Less throttle, that's the secret. It's getting better."

KREMER Armin/WINKLHOFER Pirmin, DEU/DEU, FORD FIESTA WRC: "This stage was alright. This time, we didn't have such an extremely slippery road."

SERDERIDIS Jourdan/MICLOTTE Frédéric, GRC/BEL, CITROËN DS3 WRC: "We have solved half of our hydraulic problem. Now we have an issue with the engine. It is missing power. We will try to get to the finish."

TIDEMAND Pontus/ANDERSSON Jonas, SWE/SWE, SKODA FABIA R5: "It was quite safe from my side. But I'm enjoying it. I have to stay focused and avoid mistakes."

SUNINEN Teemu/MARKKULA Mikko, FIN/FIN, FORD FIESTA R5: "I went wide in a muddy corner. I didn't expect that much mud there."

CAMILLI Eric/VEILLAS Benjamin, FRA/FRA, FORD FIESTA R5: "I enjoy the stages today, especially this one. There are still two stages to go. We have to stay on the middle of the road. We'll see."

KOPECKÝ Jan/DRESLER Pavel, CZE/CZE, SKODA FABIA R5: "This stage is quite tricky. There are blind corners and a lot of crests."

GILBERT Quentin/JAMOUL Renaud, FRA/BEL, SKODA FABIA R5: "A bit slippery for us. Not good grip I tried to do my best to push."

GRIEBEL Marijan/KOPCZYK Stefan, DEU/DEU, SKODA FABIA R5: "Finally, we got the second fast time here. It was a big push, touched two haybales."

LOUBET Pierre-Louis/LANDAIS Vincent, FRA/FRA, FORD FIESTA R5: "My pace notes weren't perfect. But I prefer to lose some time here."

TANNERT Julius/HEIGL Jürgen, DEU/AUT, FORD FIESTA R2: "It's difficult to find a balance between fast and riskless driving. That's very exhausting."

GASSNER Hermann/THANNHÄUSER Karin, DEU/DEU, MITSUBISHI EVO X: "It is a big, heavy car, which doesn't make it easy in the chicanes. But it's possible."

GASSNER JR. Hermann/KRAMER Jasmin, DEU/DEU, TOYOTA GT86 R3: "It is a bit wet. We drove carefully. We've made some changes to the set-up and now it's better."

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