The ADAC Rallye Deutschland receives the highest environmental certificate of the FIA Photo: Jaanus Ree/Red Bull
The ADAC Rallye Deutschland receives the highest environmental certificate of the FIA Photo: Jaanus Ree/Red Bull

ADAC Rallye Deutschland top in eco-friendliness

German WRC event awarded FIA's highest environmental certification

Commitment and cooperation with environmental and supervising authorities set standards on an international level.

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland has always combined spectacular motor sport and exemplary environmental protection. This has now been officially confirmed by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) as well: The motor sport world federation has awarded three stars and the Excellence attribute to the German WRC event. Hence, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland now holds the highest certification within the FIA Environmental Accreditation Framework, which defines and documents uniform environmental standards at WRC events worldwide.

Prior to awarding the distinction, FIA inspectors performed an environmental audit for several days during the 2018 ADAC Rallye Deutschland. The FIA's accreditation criteria are subdivided into the following 17 core areas: environmental management, environmental targets, communication and information, compliance with environmental laws, monitoring of environmental performance, reporting on environmental impact areas, documentation, energy use, water use, waste disposal, ground and water pollution control, purchases of key materials, transport issues, biodiversity, noise monitoring, air quality, and carbon footprint.

In order to assess these criteria, the experts visited the Shakedown, several Special Stages, the Service Park on the Bostalsee lakeshore, refuelling zones and the rally headquarters during the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. What the auditors' final report confirmed, above all, was the far-reaching approach and high quality of ADAC's environmental management. Regarding compliance with applicable local environmental laws, the event host's commitment and practical work were rated as superior and considered to be at benchmark level among WRC events internationally. The rally organisation's cooperation with the local decision-makers and authorities is especially exemplary.

Being awarded the three environmental stars underscores the great value which the ADAC Rallye Deutschland attaches to sustainability and environmental protection. An environmental team of experts from different fields (such as geology, agricultural science and recycling) is involved already in the itinerary setup to ensure the eco-friendly planning of tracks, spectator areas, parking zones and paths. In the authorisation procedure involving the Saarland Agency for Environmental and Labour Protection (LUA) and the Saarland Ministry for the Environment, the 2018 ADAC Rallye Deutschland was confirmed to be eco-friendly.

Moreover, the environmental concept of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland includes numerous measures which are broadened and optimised every year. The spectrum ranges from enhanced spectator guidance to sensitising fans to exemplary behaviour and the use of compostable cable ties. In particular, the water and soil protection is a central concern. The people working on the vehicles and handling hazmats in the Service Park must comply with detailed regulations. The marshals at particularly sensitive route segments of the Special Stages are equipped with special materials binding oil, brake fluids and coolants, and an Environmental Emergency Car manned by experts is on standby to provide rapid "first aid" in an environmental emergency.

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ADAC Rallye Deutschland information:
The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is scheduled to take place between 22 and 25 August 2019 in the Saarland and neighbouring regions. The event has a unique worldwide reputation. Its mix of hairpin stages in the vineyards, tough tracks on the Baumholder tank range and fast asphalt roads presents extreme challenges for both the teams and the drivers. Excellent driving skills and versatility are of the essence here. Diversity, high-class action and closeness to the fans are the ingredients that make the ADAC Rallye Deutschland such an attractive package for spectators as well. Year after year, this major event draws enthusiastic crowds from all over Europe, giving it a special, international atmosphere.

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