ADAC Rallye Deutschland even more sustainable Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland
ADAC Rallye Deutschland even more sustainable Photo: ADAC Rallye Deutschland

ADAC Rallye Deutschland even more sustainable

2019 German WRC event for the first time under FIA's highest environmental certification

Switch to recycling materials for track installations in progress. Enhanced environmental protection with new itineraries and schedule.

Environmental protection is a top priority for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. To preserve and protect nature in the rally region, ADAC keeps expanding its environmental concept. This year (22 to 25 August), fans, teams and volunteers in the Saarland, Mosel and Hunsrück regions can yet again look forward to an increasingly sustainable event.

One focus is track installations where the gradual switch to more eco-friendly materials and less plastics has been pushed since 2017. On five of the ten sections covered by this year’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland, recyclable fencing will be used. All in all, this is around 80km of recyclable fencing the helpers will put up and dismantle – almost twice as much as in the previous year. To reduce the amount of plastic needed, ADAC is gradually replacing old fence posts with a new model featuring an integrated fastening system. This is why 5,000 cable connectors less were needed in 2018, and this year we can dispense with another 6,000.

A new measure in the service park at Bostalsee also aims at waste prevention and recycling. As of this year, manufacturers, teams and partners can take their separated rubbish to a central waste collection point in the service park. In addition, some 6,800 rubbish bags will be provided in the approx. 50 visitor areas of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland for visitors to dispose of their litter.

The new itineraries will also contribute to reaching the environmental targets. ADAC Rallye Deutschland has become more compact. While roughly 20 extra kilometres will be available for rally action, it will be a rally of shorter distances and fans can leave their cars parked more often. On the rally Saturday (24 August), the morning and afternoon legs will each take place at one location so that spectators need to commute only once and there will be less traffic. Also, free shuttle buses will be available for rides from the parking areas to the Panzerplatte stages, all taking place in the afternoon this year.

The comprehensive environmental protection concept of ADAC Rallye Deutschland also includes other measures. In particular, the protection of water and soil is a central concern. The people working on the vehicles and handling hazmats in the Service Park must comply with detailed regulations. The marshals at particularly sensitive route segments of the Special Stages are equipped with special materials binding oil, brake fluids and coolants, and an Environmental Emergency Car manned by experts is on standby to provide rapid “first aid” in an environmental emergency.

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland has a dedicated team ensuring the high level of environmental protection. Before the last event, the team was reinforced and now counts six experts of various expertise including geology, agricultural science and recycling. Two further team members who qualified in the framework of a programme of the German Motor Sport Federation (DMSB) as environmental coordinators will support the environmental team’s work. As in the previous years, an authorisation procedure involving the Saarland Agency for Environmental and Labour Protection (LUA) and the Saarland Ministry for the Environment confirmed the ADAC Rallye Deutschland to be eco-friendly.

In addition to national authorities, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) has also acknowledged the environmental commitment. In 2018, the motor sport world federation performed a multi-day environmental audit during the ADAC Rallye Deutschland and awarded three stars and the Excellence attribute to the German WRC event. What was particularly commended was the overall approach and high quality of the environmental measures. Hence, the 2019 ADAC Rallye Deutschland will for the first time take place under the highest certification within the FIA Environmental Accreditation Framework which defines and documents uniform environmental standards at WRC events worldwide.

Raising awareness of eco-friendly behaviour in all takeholders and participants is one of the key points in ADAC Rallye Deutschland’s environmental concept. The official event Magazine and the spectator tickets include information and practical tips.

ADAC Rallye Deutschland eco tips at a glance:

Follow the spectator guidance system.
Use the free shuttle bus services (service park & Panzerplatte).
Keep to the designated roadways and spectator areas.
Respect the “No Go” signs.
Try not to generate waste.
Dispose of your litter in one of the 6,800 rubbish bags provided at the event.
No smoking or open fires in the woods.
Camp only on official campsites.
Use the sanitary facilities.
Set an example to the other fans!

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